Online Course

In recent years, CANVAS has been taking steps to advance online learning, and it continues to develop in this direction. Beyond giving online lectures to many universities, CANVAS is developing online courses to share the knowledge and skills of nonviolent struggle with various groups and individuals all over the world.  

CANVAS is expanding its online community of activists, change makers, and fighters for democracy, freedom, and human rights.


Online course

The online interactive course “Leading Nonviolent Movements for Social Progress” is the result of a collaborative endeavor between CANVAS and the Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education to create a dynamic and wide reaching resource for those interested in nonviolent change.

This 5-week course brings together theory and practice of strategic nonviolence to evaluate the nature of nonviolent social change. Students analyze historical and contemporary cases of civilian-led struggles, including movements for civil and political rights, struggles against dictatorships and authoritarian regimes, and movements for self-determination against foreign occupations.

The aim of this interactive online course is to equip young leaders from around the world with the skills necessary to lead a successful social movement in order to bring about sustainable change.

This is a unique opportunity for those involved in social movements around the world to interact with their peers engaged in similar efforts. The course includes leaders and activists from social movements, communities building alternative institutions, and those working at both local and national levels to affect social change.  Highly interactive, this program will challenge you to think strategically and help develop the skills necessary to lead a successful campaign.

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Join us from October 16th to November 17th on the course “Leading Nonviolent Movements for Social Progress.”

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