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Learn about what makes nonviolent actions and movements successful.

Cartoon Training
Subtitles: Khmer, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, French, Hebrew

Learn how to build a nonviolent movement in under 45 minutes!

What are the main components for a successful nonviolent movement? What should you be aware of, how should you start, what should you use? Learn about the basic components and practical tips (from how to achieve unity to the importance of planning) from CANVAS’ cartoon training.

Lectures and Talks

Lectures and talks on nonviolent movements and current events.

Why the World Loves a Political Outsider: The Guardian | Comment is Free

From Syriza to Podemos, Hong Kong to the UK, people from outside the establishment have been shaking up politics. Serbian revolutionist Sr?a Popovi? argues that the popularity of these political insurgents lies in the impression that they are allowing the people to influence the system, in ways that seem impossible in traditional politics. But how do these outsiders fare once they enter the halls of power? And can they ever truly replace the old guard?...