People Power Academy

The program explores activism and nonviolent movements in modern times, incorporating the inner workings of autocratic repression and methods of non-violent resistance, navigation of cyber risks, and success in the transition toward democracy. Each day will be full of workshops, panel discussions, study groups, and more! Join us online from April 26th until April 28th, 2024! Register and a livestream link will be sent to you.

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The 2024 CANVAS People Power Academy presents an exciting opportunity for discourse and education about strategies for social change and movements around the globe. Each day will have keynote speakers, presentations from activists about their campaigns, panel discussions, study groups, and engaging workshops, promising to be an interactive way for attendees to learn new perspectives and lessons to apply to their own causes. Topics include lessons from pro-democracy activists fighting against authoritarianism, the best ways to combat disinformation, and how change-makers can stay engaged and have an impact during the post-victory transition period.. Attendees will have excellent networking opportunities, offering a unique chance to forge important connections, exchange insights, and collaborate with other activists.

We invite activists, students, and everyone interested in achieving positive social change to join us!

Please check this page and our social media for updates on the 2024 edition of the People Power Academy.

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