Vision of Tomorrow — CANVAS

Vision of Tomorrow

Vision of Tomorrow

“A picture of the future society you are striving towards”

“The characteristics of the society that the citizens want in place at the end of the struggle”

CANVAS Core Curriculum 2007: 14

Robert Helvey, On Strategic Nonviolent Conflict (2004: 48)

In our CANVAS Core Curriculum, one can read that every journey starts with a first step. In the case of a strategic nonviolent struggle, this step is the simple and precise answer to the question: What does your movement want the society to be like when the struggle is over? That answer is your Vision of Tomorrow, and should function as the ever returning foundation of your every move. Once formulated, the Vision of Tomorrow becomes your movement’s primary objective. It is a permanent guideline for your movement’s supporters. Your strategic nonviolent struggle becomes a journey towards achieving that vision.

Martin Luther King jr. used tens of different methods and helped to organize thousands of different actions in his struggle for civil rights for all Americans, but all of these came forward out of one, central vision of an equal society, the kind of society he wanted to live in – one day.