Laughtivism! #PocketsOutCampaign is the latest nonviolent protest in Zimbabwe.


September 29, 2017

Laughtivism in Zimbabwe! #HomwePanze or the #PocketsOutCampaign is the latest nonviolent protest in Zimbabwe. Today (Friday), citizens all over Zimbabwe made a statement about the nearing economic crisis. To show the world how the current economic challenges have made many Zimbabweans poor and broke, one only has to do three simple things: 

  1. Wear clothing with pockets 
  2. Pull out your pockets
  3. Proceed with your daily routines! 

“The state gets terrified! For a silly thing like pulling out your pockets. The raided the offices of the rural teachers-union today. That is ridiculous! It shows the kind of police-state we are in. But there is nothing they can do to an ordinary citizen. Because there is nothing illegal about keeping your pockets out, right?” stated Zimbabwean activist Doug Coltart in a little video on his Twitter 

The campaign comes in a week in which Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa stated that the government will tighten control over use of social media. In the light of the latest developments in the Mawarire-case, authorities blame social media for fueling shortages of basic commodities and bank notes in the country. By making ‘false’ claims over social media, the minister claimed, ‘faceless saboteurs’ caused panic in the country. Government maintained the position that the Zimbabwean economy is in a sound state. 

Photo: Twitter/Patson Dzamara