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The comprehensive workshops provided by CANVAS guide and support nonviolent movements from their conception to their victory. Find out how CANVAS programs can benefit your organisation or movement!

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CANVAS offers a range of modules covering essential topics for non-violent movements, such as strategy, communication, security, fundraising, branding, and more, to create a specific workshop for each activist group. Backed by 15 years of experience in training across the globe, our modules bridge theory and method with practice and planning. All workshops are tailor-made based on the needs of the requestor.

The decision on the duration of the workshop, the number of modules, and the number of required sessions is made after an interview and a detailed analysis of the needs of the organization, movement, company or individual. Interactive exercises are integrated into the learning modules, to engage the participants by practically applying the teachings to their own movements.

CANVAS workshops are offered both online and on-the-ground.

For detailed information about each of our modules, please click here.