Hong Kong: New book published on pro-democratic “Umbrella Movement”


October 3, 2017

Right on time for the three-year anniversary of the mass demonstrations in Hong Kong, writer and activist Kong Tsung-Gan published his book “Umbrella: A Political Tale from Hong Kong” in September.

The book does not only examine what happened during the occupations, how they began and what they were about. But it also provides an assessment of the movement and gives an outlook for Hong Kong’s democratic future. Besides sharing his knowledge on Hong Kong and its people’s democratic struggle, the author offers a global perspective, drawing from his experience in many parts of the world.

Learn more about the content of the book and how to order it here. The limited copies in Hong Kong whose proceeds are donated to four pro-democracy organizations, have already sold out. However, you can still order it internationally.

Photo: AP / stuarte.co