7. Fundraising in early stages of the movement

This module helps activists achieve initial sustainability by fundraising from friends, family, and close members of theircommunity in the early stages of the movement/organization. They will also answer questions like: how to cultivate your members’ financial and in-kind non-financial contributions (e.g. free transport, printing, office space contributed by supporters); how to address the “business” pillar of support; what some methods of fundraising are; how to approach and talk to donors; what the pros and cons of fundraising from international donors are; how to decide if and when to partner with other CSO’s; how to run a crowdfunding campaign; how to write grant applications and reports; how to identify the best format and preferred language for international donors; and how to deal with potential accusations coming from authorities regarding sources of funding


  1. Understand different approaches in fundraising 
  2. Learn different fundraising methods
  3. Learn how to obtain and expend donor community 

7.1 Exercise 

Using the planned campaign or action plan, participants prepare a budget based on the template provided, list all potential donors (individuals, organizations, companies…) that might support their campaign/movement/action, and link them to the budget category when appropriate.