Struggle for more Democratic Rights in Hong Kong continues – Three Years After


September 28, 2017

Picture: HongKongFreePress/P.H. Yang

Three years after the origination of the Umbrella-movement, pro-democracy activism in Hong Kong continues. On the third birthday of the movement, several protests and gatherings are organized. Not only to remember the harsh crack-down by the authorities three years ago, but also to continue the fight for more democratic rights in the autonomous territory. The repressive government reaction on the protests have had  a chilling effect on peaceful assembly and freedom of expression. “Three years on from the start of the unprecedented 79-day protest in late 2014, scores of protesters, who were arrested for their involvement in the largely peaceful protests, remain in legal limbo, uncertain if they will face charges,” Amnesty International reports.

This, however, does not withhold Hong Kong activist to organize a new range of protests around the three year anniversairy of the movement. Civic groups are to host a rally outside the government headquarters on Thursday to commemorate the birth of the pro-democracy Occupy protests. They will stand still for three minutes at 5:58pm – the exact time tear gas canisters were shot at protesters. “Although the Occupy movement was forced to stop, Hong Kong people’s demand for genuine universal suffrage will never stop. We hope Hong Kong people will continue the spirit of the Umbrella Movement,” Citizen Charter 617-activist James Hon said.

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